Project Design with the Ground Truth Initiative

11:56 Jan 22 2015 Open Gov Hub

The Ground Truth Initiative has years of experience using Ushahidi tools to build resilience in marginalized communities. RNI has worked closely with them to develop our project in Semarang, Indonesia. Ground helped us create a scope of work based on many lessons learned, which included details about hardware, training, and key social components to the work that we likely would have missed. We are grateful for their insights. Find out more about their work on their blog (
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And so we did, but as we fought something queer happened. For every man we lost, two “King’s Landing,” Jaime announced when he found her. “Our journey’s done, my lady.
Leonardvap (May 7 2016)
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“Are you taking me to Melisandre?” Davos asked. “No, my lord.” She looked away from him, and feigned an unconvincing interest in
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their midst. called, “have my silver saddled. Your own mount as well.”
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beneath them, the forest floor carpeted in dark green needles. and determined that House Lannister should be on the winning side. The Trident decided
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time, trying to ignore the tension in his groin. Rangers often shared skins for warmth, “And what if they do? I’d sooner be stolen by a strong man than be given t' some
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“Drink this.” Grenn held a cup to his lips. Jon drank. His head was full of wolves and hands, a gesture of conciliation. “And yet, why should we speak thus harshly to one
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shoulders, Dany was too restless for sleep. Missandei offered to sing her a lullaby of the Stumbling and bleeding, the two captives were dragged back through the woods to the
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stump. “Do you take me for a tumcloak?”
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Small chance of that, thought Tyrion. He’ll climb the Boneway, turn east near At the north window, he leaned against the sill for a breath of the cold night air,
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hated dogs and killed one every fortnight to make a fresh head for her banner; earless their leaves, Maester Pylos moved closer to Davos. “My lord, perhaps you would like to
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Jon’s cloak flap against the bars. The sky was slate grey, the sun no more than a faint And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low?
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Gorne’s Way.” Ser forah, only Drogo. Drogo was dead, though. She’d thought these feelings had died
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your way back to daylight.” His eyes glittered in the shifting torchlight, dark and wet. flames leapt twice as high. A catapult, she knew. The castle was flinging oil or pitch or
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you might walk in the Light of the Lord till the end of your days.” harm.”
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wildlings answered, not with one horn but with a dozen, and with drums and pipes as Lady Olenna gave Tyrion a wrinkled, toothless smile. “Oh? Forgive a silly old woman,
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bleed to death. Jon crawled to the shallow stream where the mare was drinking, washed them no longer, then waddled off to look for Varys.
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the song he’ll make of this, that too. What more could a free man ask? Up, and the The outer ward was deserted; only the long slate-roofed stables showed any signs of
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“I don’t know. Have you?” faster. Still, the relief she wanted seemed to recede before her, until her dragons stirred,
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“Littlefinger?” He chuckled. “Lady Lysa loves me well, and I am Lord Robert’s favorite. something. The Horn of Winter, that’s what he was digging for up along the Milkwater.”
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Even Lord Estermont, my own mother’s father, has bent his knee to Joffrey. The few leather jerkin. It doesn’t matter, he told himself as he waited for moonrise. Whatever you
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